3 MINUTE LEGS™ the revolutionary lower body-sculpting machine that reshapes your problem areas in record time.

The secret is a design breakthrough called guided assistance technology that supports you on the way down and gently assists you on the way up. It unloads stress from your joints so you can sculpt all the muscles in your legs and buns without all the strain on your knees and back. Anyone can do it. 3 MINUTE LEGS™ makes it fast and fun.The 3 MINUTE LEGS™ sculpting program is based on squats and lunges. They're two of the most important exercises you can do, because they activate some of the largest muscle groups in your body, burning fat and boosting your metabolism. 3 MINUTE LEGS™ keeps you centered and balanced, so you use proper form for better results.It even has a depth control cable to prevent you from going too low.
3 MINUTE LEGS™ even works your core so it flattens your abs as it's firming your legs.
You'll feel it working right away, and you'll see results incredibly fast, so fast that your jeans will be too loose within two weeks, guaranteed.
Compact and portable, 3 MINUTE LEGS™ has a comfortable cushioned seat and glides smoothly over all kinds of surfaces, even carpet, and it won't scratch wood floors.
3 MINUTE LEGS™ has a sturdy steel frame that holds up to 275 pounds, and it adjusts to your height, whether you're 4'11" or 6'1".
It even adjusts to your fitness level. You can change the resistance just by adding a powerful support band.
Do slower reps with more resistance to sculpt your muscles, or faster reps with lighter resistance for a fat-scorching cardio workout. You can do up to 100 reps in three minutes to blast away calories, and because it's non-impact, 3 MINUTE LEGS™ is perfect for people with knee, ankle or back problems.
In fact, 3 MINUTE LEGS™ was awarded the prestigious seal of approval by the national health & wellness club.
With 3 MINUTE LEGS™, anyone can get great-looking legs and firm, lifted buns. It's a three minute miracle.
You could spend hours in the gym and not get the same targeted workout you get in your own home with 3 MINUTE LEGS™, if you don't feel it working the first three minutes and see spectacular results in only 30 days, return it for a full refund of your purchase price, absolutely no questions asked. You really have nothing to lose.
Science: What's so remarkable about the 3 MINUTE LEGS™ is it uses a principal called unloading.
It supports your body weight in just the right amount to let you do the exercises correctly. When you're lined up, using the right amount of weight, your muscles get the optimum results.
They're toned, they're strong, and if you do it three minutes a day, you're going to be surprised at how incredible the results will be over time.

Thermographic images

We conducted a scientific test to show the huge amount of muscles activated when you do a 3 MINUTE LEGS™ squat. The thermo graphic images show in red the muscles activated. It works the glutes, the thighs, the quads and the calves. Notice the huge amount of muscles activated when you do a 3 MINUTE LEGS™ lunge. Just one three-minute mini-circuit routine quickly works your muscles to fatigue to create lean muscles.
These are the muscles that burn fat, and that's why the 3 MINUTE LEGS™ can deliver these incredible results in just three minutes a day.

What it Includes

The 3 Minute Legs comes with 2 x 5 lbs resistance bands 1 Instructional DVD with 3 Mini Cardio Workout and the Total Transformation Guide with expert tips for accelerated results.
Why spend hours at the gym, or thousands of dollars on machines that don't even target your problem areas?
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Steel Frame
  • Comfortable contoured seat
  • Holds up to 275 pounds
  • Glides smoothly on all surfaces
  • Won't scratch floors
  • Adjusts to your height and your fitness level
3 MINUTE LEGS™ is so remarkable, it was awarded the prestigious Seal of Approval by the National Health and Wellness Club.


In a 60-day trial following the 3 Minute Legs System, on average women lost 7.3 lbs and 4.8 inches on average

Q: What are the additional support bands?

A: Additional bands allow for varying degrees of support. The more resistance you have, the more support the machine provides. The less the support, the more strenuous the exercise will be.

Q: Does the 3 Minute Legs require any power hookups?

A: No, the unique design of this system uses the machines resistance and your weight! No electricity is needed!

Q: Are there any weight restrictions when using the 3 Minute Legs?

A: The 3 minute legs is designed to support up to 275 pounds.

Q: Can the 3 Minute Legs be used on carpet?

A: The 3 Minute Legs is designed to glide easily on all flowing surfaces without wearing or scratching!

Q: I am just beginning to exercise- is this product for me?

A: 3 Minute Legs is designed to fit both your fitness level and height with its adjustable tension and height features.

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  1. Rita says:

    Hello, how can i buy 3 Minute Legs other than online?

    Thank you

    • Customer Care says:

      Dear Rita,

      We would be pleased to assist you in placing your order over the phone. Please contact our Customer Care Department at our toll-free number 1-877-771-7017.

      Thane Direct Customer Care

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