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MINIMAX™ Charger

Small, portable power.. use it to charge not only your electronic devices but your car battery as well.
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FlavorStone InfusionGrill™

Flavorful, healthier meals in a fraction of the time!
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ProRay™ Tactical Flashlight

The ProRay™ tactical flashlight all-in-one features a telescoping focus, and five preset operation modes.
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H2O Mop® X5™

H2O MOP® X5™ is the only five-in-one, steam-cleaning machine that cleans and sanitizes.
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FlavorStone® 9.5 inch Set

FLAVORSTONE® is one of the most advanced cookware lines that allows you to make great low fat meals.
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Wolfgang Puck® Pressure Oven

A brand new kitchen innovation that transforms your meals from ordinary to extraordinary.
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Perfect Dog™

Learn to modify your dog's behavior in no time with Don Sullivan’s Perfect Dog Perfect Dog™
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A versatile 6-in-1 cooking system that saves time and money while creating healthy, tasty meals!
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Carol’s Crack Ups

This 12 piece DVD collection features 24 uncut episodes of clean, classic entertainment for the whole family
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