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MAX Fitness Pro

The Max Fitness Pro keeps track of your movement, sleep patterns and calories burned.

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Your fitness your way…

MAX tracks the calories you burn, your movements throughout the day and your sleep patterns during the night. MAX will help you achieve your personal goals and targets by keeping you regularly updated with your progress throughout the day, encouraging you to train harder and longer, improving your physical and mental well being

Embrace a NEW Style

“MAX Power” is the essential fitness band, which takes the fundamental principles of the MAX philosophy and puts them into this simple, discreet band. The informative LED display is encased in a practical, lightweight rubber casing. This band is perfect for keeping fit on a budget.

The MAX Philosophy

At MAX, we know how difficult it can be to keep on top of your health and fitness. Most of us live life in the fast lane and sometimes, fitting in a little exercise can seem like an impossible task.

Our philosophy is about making better choices easier. We believe that the future of fitness lies with affordable, accessible technology. We are passionate about bringing the future of fitness to the masses, that’s why we believe it shouldn’t be a choice between becoming a healthier, more active person and breaking the bank . The MAX fitness band takes away the stress of trying to fit in that extra bit of exercise into the hectic, daily lives of twenty-first century living.

The MAX fitness band is easy to understand and easy to use. It uses digestible and simple statistics for a simple and straightforward way of making better lifestyle choices. MAX does the thinking for you, discreetly calculating your activity and gently nudging you when you need a little extra encouragement.

Embrace a new you with MAX.