Deluxe Lace Slim 'N Lift Aire™ Bra set

Upgrade your 3 Basic set to the Aire Bra Deluxe. The beautiful 3 piece Deluxe set is accented with a delicate lace for a feminine look and each bra comes with optional Aire Cup Maximizers, for extra fullness and cleavage – Perfect for special occasions!!
With your order, you can receive for Free one of the two colour Bra sets and all you pay is the extra S&P. You can choose from the Contemporary set that has the light rose, bright pink and red bra. Or from the Classic set, in gray, blue and purple

Slim 'N Lift Aire™ Bra

Three bras for the price of one! You will receive the bra in Pure White, Midnight Black and Sexy Nude. That is three bras for the price of one!
    • The Slim 'N Lift Aire™ Bra won't stretch out and is the most versatile and comfortable bra you'll ever own.
    • Say goodbye to embarrassing back fat, the wonder weave extra oomph band gives you support without the suffering and never rolls up!
    • Wide straps fit perfectly and never slip off.
    • Full coverage cups custom fit to any size, keeping everything in place.
    • The Slim 'N Lift Aire™ Bra saves the hassle of spending hundreds of dollars on bras with uncomfortable underwires and straps that don't fit and can make you look lumpy. With the Slim 'N Lift Aire™ Bra you know that you're going to look and feel your best!
    • No matter how petite or busty! Sizing is simple! The size you wear in a T shirt or blouse is the size you need for Slim 'N Lift Aire™ Bra.
    • The Slim 'N Lift Aire™ Bra is also a stylish fashion accessory! No matter where you work or where you go! Layer it for different looks! You can even sleep in Slim 'N Lift Aire™ Bra for proper support, day and night.
    • Sizing is easy - just match your shirt size to the Aire Bra size!

Product Specifications

  • You can stretch Slim 'N Lift Aire™ Bra all you want as it never loses its shape! And because it's seamless, the Slim 'N Lift Aire™ Bra lies smooth.
  • It is made of 93% Nylon and 7% Elastane, and the luxurious AIRE knit fabric breathes easily and it repels moisture, so you stay cool and feeling fresh! The secret is in the forever fit technology woven right into the Slim 'N Lift Aire™ Bra using special thousand needle Santoni machines.
  • Slim 'N Lift Aire™ Bra lifts and supports in all the right places. It's one seamless garment that custom fits to your body like magic.
Standard Bra Size Blouse Size Slim 'N Lift® Aire™ Bra Size
32 A, B, C 2 - 4 SMALL
34 A, B, C 4 SMALL
34 A, B, C 6 MEDIUM
34 to 36 A, B, C 8 MEDIUM
36 A, B, C 10 - 12 LARGE
38 A, B, C 10 - 12 LARGE
36 A, B, C 14 - 16 X-LARGE
38 A, B, C 14 - 16 X-LARGE
36 A, B, C, D 16 - 18 XX-LARGE
40 A, B, C, D 16 - 18 XX-LARGE
38 A, B, C, D 18 - 20 XXX-LARGE
40 A, B, C, D 18 - 20 XXX-LARGE

8 Responses to Slim ‘N Lift® Aire™ Bra

  1. Esther says:

    I would like to have your mailing address to order the 3 Aire Bra set, plus the extra free set of 3 Deluxe Lace Slim ‘N Lift Aire Bras for the amount of $59.90 plus s&p. I saw your advertisment on TV but I have no credit card to be able to order.

    Thank you

    • Customer Care says:

      Dear Esther,

      Our mailing address to send your cheque / money order is:
      P.O. Box 11539
      600 The East Mall
      Toronto, ON, M9B4 B0

      Made payable to Thane Direct Canada, Inc.

      If you have yet to place your order, please ensure that you call to place it first as you will need to write your unique order number on your cheque / money order. You can place your order through our Customer Care Department at 1-877-771-7017.

      Thane Direct Customer Care

  2. susan says:

    I just had to tell you this. I am 58 years old and never wore a bra because I could never find one to fit.
    You knew if I had a bra on because I would fidgit and move it all the time. I saw your ad on TV a few times
    and said it can’t be comfortable. I finally ordered them. I tried one on and thought it was good.but…! I
    knew it was good a few hours later I forgot I had it on. Yah!!!! Thank you so much. Sue

  3. I like the Aire bra very much.




  5. Yolande says:

    J’ai 66 ans et je n’ai jamais porté de soutien gorge car je n’avais pas besoin.
    Bon ok la j’ai besoin, j’ai essayer et fantastique super
    j’adore, je suis complètement à l’aise, ça m’a pris 1 an à m’habituermais la c’est le confort total

  6. I ordered your bras on the phone from your TV commercial. I am pleased to find out that they will be in xxxL as I am physically challenged and can’t do up a bra in the back. The front closure ones are uncomfortable where they do up. If these are good, I will order more. The fact that I don’t have to order them from U.S. and pay their fees going to Canada is a plus.

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