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Extreme MMA Home Fitness Workout Program

Real People, Real Results!
Burn up tp 1,200 calories per workout

TapouT® XT is the only at-home workout system that has been put to the test by some of biggest stars in mixed martial arts. World-class athletes like Ryan Bader, Chris Lytle, Miesha Tate and Cowboy Cerrone trust the unique TapouT® XT™ blend of challenging MMA strikes, fat-burning cardio and muscle-building moves to keep them in top fighting form at all times. The targeted XT™ techniques work for some of the fittest people in the world - and now they're available for you in this all-inclusive program you can do anywhere.

Plus 4 bonuses

For just 3 monthly payments of $39.95 plus S&H get started on your TapouT XT Body. Or select a single payment at checkout.

12 MMA inspired workouts

Strength and force upper

1. Strength & Force Upper

Get ready to bring the power as you sculpt lean muscle and upper body definition with extra focus on your chest, shoulders and triceps. (53:41)

Plyo XTr

2. Plyo XT

Burn fat and improve athletic performance with this sweat drenching explosive plyometric lower body workout. (51:11)

Cross Core Combat

3. Cross Core Combat

Melt away fat MMA style as you punch and kick your way to a shredded core in this hard twisting crack of the skull workout. (45:49)

ompetition Core

4. Competition Core

Want TapouT Abs? Do this work out! Carve your upper, middle, lower abs, and love handles at the same. (47:14)

Buns and Guns XT

5. Buns & Guns XT

Just what it says. Get that firm, toned and lifted butt along with beach-ready toned biceps, triceps and more. (31:20)

Yoga XT

6. Yoga XT

You will look forward to this stretch-based, yoga workout each week. But remember, this is TapouT XT, so don't expect any free passes here! You're gonna feel it! (51:04)

Sprawl and Brawl

7. Sprawl & Brawl

Melt away fat as you train like a MMA fighter with this signature TapouT XT workout. Keep a towel handy for this one! (46:07)

Muay Thai

8. Muay Thai

Based on the MMA combat technique developed in Thailand, this workout uses stand-up striking along with knock-out kicks that will reshape your entire body and burn fat XT style! (40:02)

Ripped Conditioning

9. Ripped Conditioning

No weights. No pull ups. Pure muscle. This extreme conditioning workout will get you that ripped up TapouT XT body you want. (41:14)

Ultimate Abs XT

10. Ultimate Abs XT

Good bye spare tire. Hello six-pack! This 15 minute ab blitzing workout is the key to getting rock hard TapouT Abs. (15:45)

Cardio XT

11. Cardio XT

When we say this workout is extreme, we mean it. Intense cardio workout that will make you earn it with sweat! (46:20)

Legs and Back

12. Legs & Back

You'll be turning heads after a few sessions of this leg burning, booty lifting, back sculpting workout. (40:19)

You also get

Strike training DVD

training DVD

Strike Training DVD: Get some one on one instruction from some of the world's top MMA fighters. Learn proper form and techniques from throwing punches, hooks, jabs, knees, kicks and more.

Fitness guide

Fitness guide

Begin the journey to a healthier mind and body with the TapouT Fitness Guide. The fitness guide will help you stay on track and motivated! Start by taking your "before" picture and record your initial weight and measurements and log it here!

Nutritional guide

Nutritional guide

Tapout XT Food Plan and Nutritional Guide has been designed to help you track down what you are eating and why to create better food choices. Packed with delicious and easy recipes you'll have no trouble switching over to this healthy lifestyle. Get the results you want with a change of life attitude with Tapout XT Food Plan and Nutritional Guide!

Tapout XT resistance band

XT Extreme
Resistance Band

Forget weights and pull bars and get perfect lean sexy muscle head to toe with the XT Extreme Resistance Bands. Quickly learn to use these bands and see the results in no time.

Tapout XT leg band

Tapout XT Leg
Training Band

Use the XT Leg training band as the ultimate training tool for sculpting your legs. Mike also shows you other ways you can use the use the band during workouts!

Plus 4 free bonuses!

Ultimate ABS XT DVD

Ultimate ABS XT DVD

The best 15 minute ab workout on DVD (15:45)

10 day slimdown plan

10 day Slimdown Plan

Jump start your weight loss and lose up to 10 pounds and 10 inches in your first 10 days of TapouT XT!

Pogress calendar

Workout Calendar

You will know exactly which workout to do each day for maximum results.

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