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The TOTAL FLEX® comes with:

  • TOTAL FLEX® Unit
  • Ankle Straps
  • Handle Set
  • Wall Chart (English & French)
  • Manual (English & French)
  • TOTAL FLEX® Workout DVD
The Total Flex® is delivered fully assembled so it’s ready to use right out of the box. Ultra-compact, it unfolds in seconds.

FREE 60 Days Motivational Calendar

total flex calendar

Resistance Band Chart

TOTAL FLEX® Resistance Chart

TOTAL FLEX® - Product Info

TOTAL FLEX® product info

Want to shed pounds? …Trim inches? … Get a lean, sexy look?

Want all of this … without gimmicky machines? Spending a fortune on bulky equipment, or wasting time and money on a membership in a crowded gym that you never use? Well, now it’s possible, with the totally unique TOTAL FLEX® home gym.

Ultra-compact, it unfolds in seconds . . . giving you more than 50 gym exercises . . . all in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home.

Just squeeze the locking pins to change the seat position: it’s a Flat Bench…build a strong chest and back. It’s an Incline Bench…target and define abs. It’s a Lower Body Workout machine …target, tighten and tone hips, buns and thighs. Your options are endless.
TOTAL FLEX® in action
Not only do muscles look great, they are the key to losing weight… and the Total Flex® sculpts every part of your body! With lightning fast changeovers that keep your heart rate elevated – you’ll do a cardio workout at the same time – even while you watch TV! So why pound yourself silly on a treadmill, when the Total Flex® can work your entire body in as little as 18 minutes a day. Whatever your fitness level: from beginner to advanced, the Total Flex® puts you in a safe, comfortable position. Increasing the intensity is as simple as engaging a different band, or hook on all three bands to take it to the max!
TOTAL FLEX® components
Note: The Headrest and Leg Extender are optional items which can be added during the shopping process. These will be offered once you have added the Total Flex® to your shopping basket. The Total Flex® is delivered fully assembled so it’s ready to use right out of the box. Just pop in Kim’s DVD, select one of the six workout programs, that’s right for you and follow along. It’s that simple!  
  1. Fast Start, to show you how fun and easy getting in shape can be.
  2. Rapid Weight Loss, for an intense cardio combo workout.
  3. Flex Strength, to get big and ripped.
  4. Total Flex® Core, for firm, flat abs and a strong midsection.
  5. Extreme, your ticket to over the top results!
  6. Hips, Buns and Thighs, to get you lifted, tightened and toned.
  You’ve seen the Total Flex® in Maximum Fitness and Muscle Mag. It’s gym-quality, made of forged steel with comfort-padded seats. It comes with the Custom Grip handles, padded ankle cuffs and a solid steel footplate. Best of all, Total Flex® folds up smaller than a suitcase. Keep it in the closet or under your bed – for a convenient work out anytime!

TOTAL FLEX® - Testimonials

Check out these real people who used the Total Flex® home gym to shape up and lose weight fast. They’re living proof that you can transform your body faster than you ever thought possible!

Secure Order for TOTAL FLEX BUNGEE CORD SET - 2 PC RED 2x10.50 kg of resistance
TOTAL FLEX BUNGEE CORD SET - 2 PC RED 2x10.50 kg of resistance

The Total Flex Bungee Cord 2 piece red set will give you 2 x 10.5 kg of resistance or a total of 21 kg (46.2 lbs).

PRICE:$19.99 USD  
Secure Order for TOTAL FLEX BUNGEE CORD SET - 2 PC BLACK 2x7.25 kg of resistance
TOTAL FLEX BUNGEE CORD SET - 2 PC BLACK 2x7.25 kg of resistance

The Total Flex Bungee Cord 2 piece black set will give you 2 x 7.25 kg of resistance or a total of 14.5 kg (31.9 lbs).

PRICE:$19.99 USD  
Secure Order for TOTAL FLEX BUNGEE CORD SET - 2 PC GREY 2x5.25 kg of resistance
TOTAL FLEX BUNGEE CORD SET - 2 PC GREY 2x5.25 kg of resistance

The Total Flex Bungee Cord 2 piece grey set will give you 2 x 5.25 kg of resistance or a total of 10.5 kg (23.1 lbs).

PRICE:$19.99 USD  
Secure Order for TOTAL FLEX™ Head Rest with Support Bracket
TOTAL FLEX™ Head Rest with Support Bracket

The Head Rest provides comfortable support for workout routines that require you to lie back on the TOTAL FLEX™ while exercising. For example lateral pulls for your back and triceps.

PRICE:$39.95 USD  
Secure Order for TOTAL FLEX™ Leg Extensions with Support Bracket  and Bands
TOTAL FLEX™ Leg Extensions with Support Bracket and Bands

The Leg Extension and resistance bands will increase your number of workout options and will be especially helpful if your legs and buttocks are an area of concern.

PRICE:$49.95 USD  

Enjoy all of the benefits and workout options of your TOTAL FLEX™, with the Performance Package which includes the sturdy leg extender with bracket support, 3 Leg bungees with axels, loops and caps and the comfort head rest.

PRICE:$59.95 USD  

20 Responses to Total Flex®

  1. Bobbie says:


    Can you tell me the resistance weight that comes standard with the Total Flex? I notice that you sell additional bands and I was unsure if these are more along the lines of replacements or additional resistance.


    • Customer Care says:

      Dear Bobbie,

      The Total Flex Home Gym comes with a maximum weight resistance of 101.2 lbs. With the purchase of additional bands, you can increase the resistance to a maximum of 138.6 lbs. Additional bands can be ordered online under our Accessory section, or by calling our Customer Care Department toll-free at 1-877-771-7017.

      Thane Direct Customer Care

  2. John says:


    Can you tell me the shipping weight of the Total Flex? I’m moving overseas soon and I’m wondering about the practicality of bringing it overseas.


    • Customer Care says:

      Dear John,

      The shipping weight of the Total Flex Home Gym is 23.5kg, and the box measurements are 60cm x 28cm x 70cm. If you decide that it would be unpractical to ship overseas, please feel free to view our international website to find out if we have a distributor in the country you will be moving to.

      Thane Direct Customer Care

  3. Julia says:

    Do I need the leg extension to do leg exercises?


    • Customer Care says:

      Dear Julia,

      You can perform excercises with the Total Flex Home Gym that target your legs without using the Leg Extension, however the Leg Extension is recommended for optimum usage and best results.

      Thane Direct Customer Care

  4. Lorena says:

    Can you send me the 1-800 number so I can order this product? Thank you

    • Customer Care says:

      Dear Lorena,

      We would be pleased to assist you in placing your order over the phone. Please contact our Customer Care Department at our toll-free number 1-877-771-7017.

      Thane Direct Customer Care

  5. Mo says:

    What is the max weight that the Total Flex can handle?

    Thank you,


    • Customer Care says:

      Dear Mo,

      The Total Flex Home Gym has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. Persons whose body weight exceeds this
      limit should not use this machine.

      Thane Direct Customer Care

  6. Jim says:

    This is FANTASTIC!!! I LOVE it! I knew I was out of shape but, my gosh, after 3 weeks of using this device I am back feeling like a teenager. Brilliant!!!

  7. Brenda says:

    I ordered the Total Flex and it only took two days and it was at my door. I was suprised that it came that quick. I was excited when I got it, I opened the box right away and my husband set it up for me. It did not take long at all. So right away I put the dvd in and started the work out! It was great and I loved it. I did two sessions on the dvd and they were not hard to do at all, easy to follow and do. The work out exercises were great all over. But that is enough for tonight, and I’m sure I will feel it in the morning. So for now I’m really happy with it. Looking forward to getting more use out of my Total Flex machine. Thanks

  8. Stephanie says:

    From the biggest skeptic ever when buying anything online. This is the most fabulous piece of gym equipment I have ever used in my life. It actually does what the infomerical says it does by replacing the gym. I cannot praise the Total Flex enough. The workouts are fabulous and using the different resistance is fantastic. I look forward to every second morning using my Total Flex. My hats off to Kim Lyons who is a fabulous instructor and I look forward to using more Kim Lyons approved products. This is definately a home run. This makes workouts fun again who knew!

  9. John says:

    Having ordered the total flex it caught me by surprise when it had arrived within 5 working days. It took me much longer to decide whether to buy it or not. Having owned a soloflex unit back in the late 80′s and then 2 bowflex units in the 90′s, I too, was sceptical in ordering the total flex. However, from the moment I sat on this unit and started my exercises, I knew this was it. I felt my muscles pumped up, as if I had inflated them with an air hose. This is one impressive piece of equipment. Enjoy it so much, now I need to buy another for my office. Congrats to the total flex team!!

  10. Alanna says:

    I purchased this product the beginning of April and now the beginning of June, I have lost 20lbs, basically following the diet plan that came with this and doing one of the 8 different exercise routines. The routines are well diagrammed and easy to follow. Great program. Thanks.

  11. AJ says:

    What about warranty?

    • Customer Care says:

      Dear AJ,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      The Total Flex comes with a one year limited warranty. We recommend purchasing the Total Flex Performance Package as it comes with an extended 2 year warranty for FREE!

      If you would like to place an order please contact our Customer Care Department at 1-877-771-7017.


      Customer Care Team

  12. Tony Ferrer says:

    What is the difference between Total Flex and Total Flex Performance Packages? Will I also get the Weight Scale free?

    • Customer Care says:

      Hi Tony,

      The Performance Package includes optional accessories for the Total Flex machine (the head rest, leg extender, and additional leg resistance bands). You can still use the machine without the accessories, but they increase the amount of exercises you can do. The motivational package including the weight scale is available for the additional shipping fee of $14.95. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Care department at 1 877 771 7017 and one of our agents will be happy to help you.

  13. Rene says:

    Purchased your TotalFlex in mid March. I’m a 67 year old stage four cancer survivor. I use to work out BC (before cancer), but hadn’t been able to maintain any exercise plan since. It’s been five years now. I put on 50 lbs during chemo and just wasn’t able to take it off…until now. What an excellent product!

    In less than five weeks of working out six days a week, I have lost 10 lbs and I feel so much stronger. I have so much more stamina to carry and play with my grandchildren!

    I’ve worked out with free weights BC with the same type of Strength Training program. I would like to clarify one instruction with you, if I may. You state, “Engage enough resistance to enable you to perform about 12 reps per exercise (1st set). Rest for 30 seconds, then perform the same exercise again for 10 reps. (2nd set).”

    When strength training with free weights in the past, I’ve been instructed to do 12 reps of the 1st set of exercises, for example, do 12 reps of all 18 Total Body exercises, rest, and then do 10 reps of the 2nd set of 18 exercises.

    For best results, does it matter which approach I take?


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