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H2O Scents™ Lavender

NEW H2O Scents™
Lavender Fragrance

  • Odor-neutralizer
  • Odor-elimination technology
  • Long-lasting aroma
  • Free of allergens*
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Encapsulated Scent and Odor Neutralizer

Allergen Free*

Make Cleaning Delightful With H2O Scents™ Encapsulated Scents and Odor-Neutralizers. A unique formulation that possesses pleasant scents and true deodorizing qualities.

Simply spray your H2O™ cleaning pad and indulge in the natural fragrance of Lavender. Discover a long-lasting aroma, while thousands of scented micro-capsules gradually evaporate and release their powerful scent.


  • The time-released scent is generated through a natural-extract infused, gradual release system.
  • Plus, patent-pending odor-neutralizers eradicate bad smells—they don’t just cover them.





These two synergistic processes effectively eliminate odors like:

  • Bathroom
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Pet urine
  • Decomposed foods
  • Diapers

Fill your home with pleasant scents and change the ambiance and mood of an entire room. Awaken your senses by choosing a natural scent to perfectly capture the essence of the moment. Lavender is one of nature’s wonderful gifts with instant calming and relaxation effects.

Each formula is free of allergens*, so you can feel more confident in creating a healthy space for you and your family. The nature-inspired fragrance blend features beneficial natural extracts of: Coconut Water • White Tea • Chamomile • Lavender


How it Works


1. The scent is activated when the micro-capsules are broken open by friction and steam heat, liberating a new wave of pleasant scents.


2. At the same time patent-pending odor-elimination technology “surrounds” odor-causing molecules and effectively eliminates them through a unique encapsulation process, while still maintaining the aromatic values of your favorite fragrance.


*Does not contain any of the identified 26 fragrance allergens introduced into Annex III of the European Cosmetic Directive.