How to safely clean your home with a little help from your children

How to safely clean your home with a little help from your children

We all want to keep our homes spic and span. And sometimes that means calling for reinforcements. Encouraging your children to help out with basic household chores is not only a great way for them to learn new skills, but it will free up time in your jampacked schedule.

That’s where the H2O e3™ Cleaning System comes in. With no harmful fumes, harsh chemicals, or irritant dyes, this multi-purpose cleaning product is safe for everyone to use.

Of course, if you want your children’s help with the cleaning, you need to get them engaged first. So, how do you encourage your kids to drag themselves away from their TV or tablet screens and give you a hand? Here are a few ways that work for us.

The first thing to say is, be patient


At first, you’ll find you have to remind your kids constantly to pull their weight, but as they get older, they’ll need less reminding. It’s also worth bearing in mind how old your children are, and what you can realistically expect them to achieve.

For pre-schoolers

Little kids love to be mummy or daddy’s ‘special helper’. So, give them simple tasks to help you out. For example, encouraging them to make their bed in the morning and pick up their toys at the end of the day will help them take pride in their things. You could also ask them to give you a hand with the dusting – no need for polish, they’ll enjoy ‘tickling away the dust’ with a feather duster!

For school-age kids

Kids who are a bit older can be trusted with slightly more complex jobs. A good rule of thumb is to give them tasks that feel satisfying. Floor-care is a sensible place to start. Show them how to vacuum the carpets and sweep the floors. The kitchen floor is a hotspot for dust and detritus from cooking. Get your children to use a dustpan and brush. Then, when the surface is clear, show them how to use the H2O e3™ Cleaning System – to sanitize and clean the floor so it shines!

For teenagers

Teenage children are more aware of their own personal hygiene needs. So, why not get them to tackle the bathrooms. Teach them that if a bathroom is cleaned regularly, then the task isn’t really that bad. It’s when it’s left uncleaned for a while that the trouble starts. Again, show them how satisfying it is to steam-clean soap-scum from around the bath and inside the shower cubicle.

One thing all kids love to do is get one over on their siblings. So, as an added incentive to get kids involved in the cleaning, create a reward chart. Every time your child lends a hand, they get a sticker on their chart. The first to 10 stickers gets a prize. You’d be surprised how much effort your children will go to beat their brother or sister to the prize.

Be satisfied with the job they do

Don’t be tempted to re-do the job your child has done. That’s sending out the message that they’re no good at it and a sure-fire way for them to lose motivation. Try telling them what a brilliant job they’re doing. Not only will it make them feel good, it’ll encourage them to try even harder next time.

Remember, when you choose the H2O e3™ Cleaning System, you’re not only protecting your family from the spread of germs, you’re protecting them from toxic chemicals, which can accelerate various health issues.

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