Try this 15-min workout to improve your mobility

Try this 15-min workout to improve your mobility

Some people do core workouts because they want a ‘six-pack’. But other people have less aesthetic and more fitness-focused reasons for working their core. Strengthening your core muscles is a good way to avoid back problems, for example. It’s also a good way simply to keep yourself healthy and mobile. If you’re looking to improve your mobility, one tool we would recommend is the Ab Doer 360.


The Ab Doer 360 is like your own personal gym. It tones your abs and shapes your muscles in one simple, easy to perform set of movements. What’s really clever about the Ab Doer 360 is it allows you to work out while sitting down. So, not only do you improve both your core and your back strength, you stay flexible and trim your waistline at the same time. And all in a safe, seated position, meaning you never have to get down on the hard floor to exercise.

work your core

To see just how well, the Ab Doer 360 improves your mobility, give this quick 15-minute workout a try.

Stretch backwards

Sit on your Ab Doer 360 then hold onto the arm supports and lean backwards as far as you comfortably can. You’ll feel the back rollers giving your spine a massage as you do so. Once you’re in position, stretch over to the left, then back to centre, then over to the right.

Stretch forwards

Let go of the handle this time and fold your body forwards. When you feel a nice stretch, move to the left, then back to centre, then to the right again.

Side leans with leg extension

Like the backwards stretch, sit on your Ab Doer and lean backwards whilst holding on to the arm supports. But this time, when you stretch to the left, push your right leg out, keeping your foot on the floor. Move back to centre, then repeat on the other side, stretching to the right and extending your left leg.

Body circles

This time, sit on your Ab Doer 360, take hold of the arm supports and rotate your torso all the way to a comfortable stretch. Go in a clockwise direction first, then switch and twist round anti-clockwise.

Find out more about how the Ab Doer 360 can help you improve your mobility, go here.