What to look for in an elliptical cross trainer

What to look for in an elliptical cross trainer

If you’re looking for an exercise machine that gives your whole body a workout, then you should look into getting a cross-trainer. This article covers pretty much all you need to know, from the benefits of using a cross-trainer, to what you should look out for if you decide to invest in one.

Before we start, what actually is an elliptical cross-trainer? 

Cross-trainers are sometimes called ellipticals or even elliptical cross-trainers. The name comes from the motion of the pedals which rotate on an oval-shaped pathway, as you work out. The elliptical motion is important because unlike, say, a treadmill, when you work out on a cross-trainer, you don’t put too much pressure on your joints. So, you get a good workout without suffering unwanted joint pain.

There are several benefits to using an elliptical cross-trainer

The main benefit to having your own elliptical cross-trainer is that it works your body from top to bottom – shoulders, back, arms, bottom, thighs and legs. So, if you think about it, investing in a cross-trainer could replace your monthly gym membership. Some people think of their cross-trainer as an elliptical home gym, such is its ability to get the whole body into shape. And there are more benefits, too.

Working out on an elliptical home gym is a pretty simple way to tone your muscles and lose weight, especially if you’re eating a healthy diet, too. Most cross-trainers have arm handles as well as pedals, which means you get to work your arms and legs at the same time. So, unlike going to the gym where you work each muscle group separately, with your elliptical home gym, you do a much more efficient workout – saving yourself valuable time.

Cross-trainers can be a big help if you struggle with your balance, too. Whereas with cycling, there’s always the danger of falling off your bike, and with a treadmill there’s always the chance that you can stumble, an elliptical cross-trainer is different. It has extra wide pedals that allow you to plant your feet securely. Add in the arm handles too, and you’ve got a set-up which is both safe and stable for exercising.

5 key features to look for in your elliptical cross trainer

Adjustable resistance

If you want to get a really solid workout from your cross-trainer, it’s handy to be able to mix up the resistance levels. Put simply, adjustable resistance allows you to make your workout tougher. By making it tougher, you make your muscles work harder, which is good news if you’re trying to get in shape quickly.

Ergonomic motion handles

You want your cross-trainer to have motion handles ideally. These look a bit like ski poles and move in time with the pedals as you work out. It means you can work on your arm muscles at the same time as your leg muscles, maximizing your workout. If they’re ergonomically designed, they’ll help you sculpt a strong chest, shoulder and back too.

Extra wide foot pedals

If you ever ride a bike, you’ll know it can be all too easy to slip off the pedals when you’re riding. This can be pretty unnerving. So, one thing to look out for on your elliptical cross-trainer is extra wide pedals. These help to prevent you from slipping and make you feel more stable and secure while you’re exercising.

Motivational info console

Having an onboard info console is handy because it lets you know how your workout is going, and whether you need to push harder or not. Look out for consoles that provide motivating information such as time, distance and calories burned.

Space-saving design

If you’re short on space at home, invest in an elliptical home gym that has a reasonably small footprint, and one that has wheels on it so it can be tucked away in a corner of the room when you’re not using it.

Reasonable price

There’s no two ways about it, you can spend a lot of money on an elliptical cross-trainer. But you don’t have to. Make sure you do your research and discount any cross-trainers that provide features you don’t necessarily need. For example, an expensive cross-trainer might come with a fancy display screen and lots of pre-programmed workouts. But do you really need all that?

Introducing the Orbitrek Elite…2 workouts in one machine

Now you can pack a big workout into a small space. The Orbitrek Elite cross-trainer is ideal if you don’t have much space to play with at home, or if you live in a flat, for example, thanks to its compact design. It also has wheels fitted to the back so you can easily move it into the corner of the room when you’re done with it.

Even better, the Orbitrek Elite elliptical home gym gives you two workouts in one simple machine. You get a great aerobic workout which helps you burns calories and strengthen your heart and lungs. At the same time, you get a great resistance training too. That’s a bonus if you’re looking to build lean lower body muscles and strong upper body muscles. All you have to do is pick the way you like to work out: slow and steady cardio workouts or high-intensity interval training, it’s up to you.

Best of all, your Orbitrek Elite elliptical cross-trainer lets you exercise in a low-impact way, so you don’t strain and damage your joints. It even comes with a free DVD offering nearly 2 hours of workout examples for you to follow.

Find out how you can get the body you’ve always wanted with the Orbitrek Elite here.