Orbitrek X17 User Guide

Thank you for your purchase of Orbitrek X17 and welcome to our User Guide.

Here you will find useful tips to help you get started on your Orbitrek X17 and all the support that you will need.

Your A-Z, everything you need to know about your Orbitek X17.

Support your new fitness regime with the Orbitrek X17 Healthy Eating Meal Plan. You can download the files from the links below:

Can’t wait to see what you’ll get with your Orbitrek X17 order? Take a look at everything in the box.

Here's how your package will come

What's in the box (1/2)

What's in the box (2/2)

  1. Main Frame
  2. Shroud
  3. Console & Handle Bars
  4. Manual
  5. Foot Pedal (x2)
  6. Foot Straps (x2)
  7. Handle Bar Post
  8. Front Stabilizer
  9. Rear Stabilizer
  10. Strap
  11. Leveling Foot (x4)
  12. Allen Wrench
  13. Multi Hex Tool
  14. Wrench


Video 1: Assembly Instructions

Video 2: Main Unit

Video 3: Peddles

Video 4: Frame

Video 5: Handles

Video 6: Finishing Up

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Alternatively, feel free to browse through the topics in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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